Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Almost Crisis

I don't have a parking pass that allows me to park on campus during the day. I was running late and did not have time to wait on my school's transit system before class started this past Friday. So I parked across the street from campus on a one-way street right beside one of the local bars. I paid the meter for an hour and a half and walked the short distance to my classroom.

After class, I nonchalantly walked back to my car. It had been a wonderful day thus far, and I had little to worry about... until I approached the car.

There is was: little, covered in pollen... with a huge dent and yellow paint scraped all over the black paint on the left side. I just stopped in my tracks, visibly stunned. It was awful. Someone had scraped up the car and then left without so much as leaving a note! After regaining my composure (somewhat), I approached the vehicle. In my panic, I didn't remember what to do since the person who had hit the car had left the scene. I decided to just get in the car and cry and call my mommy, like any rational adult would do.

As I get to the driver's side, I reach down to open the door. That's when I realized that this door was missing it's handles. The handles on the doors of the vehicle were gone. As in, I could not find a way into the car. There was nothing for me to open the door with. After standing there for a good minute or so without coming to a rational conclusion of what to do, I start to cry a little bit. That's when I noticed that through the back window, there were books and bags that I don't own sitting in the back seat. I go look at the vehicle's tag. It's not my tag.

It's not my car. I looked around, and sure enough, my car was sitting a few cars down from this poor vehicle. I happily walked down to my beautiful car and there's not any (new) damage on it! I still feel really terrible for that person who owned that other car, though. It was really not funny at the time.

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